Anetta Mona Chişa, born in 1975 in Romania, and Lucia Tkáčová, born in 1977 in Slovakia, live and work in Prague and Bratislava. They have worked mostly together since 2000, their projects being based on personal stories and on a play with the concept of access to different forms of power (professional, political, ideological and geographical). They react to the commoditization of art by intentionally disrupting the existing power structures and by trying to produce autonomous value zones. They have had solo shows such as Everything is Work,, Bratislava, Ortografio de Potenco, Futura gallery, Prague, FAQ, Quartier 21, Museums Quartier, Vienna (2006), Nonstrategic Scenarios: The Red Library, Jeleni Gallery, Prague (2005), A Room of Their Own, Medium gallery, Bratislava (2003) and they have participated in international group exhibitions such as Marketenderin. Giveaways und Performances, Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund, Young Visual Artists Award Winners 2006, The Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtina, My Love is Dead, Gallery Oel-Früh, Hamburg (2006), Prague Biennale 2, (2005). In 2007 they participate, among others, in the exhibitions Culture Clash, Bastard gallery, Oslo, and Partners in Crime, Gallery MC, New York.