H.arta group was founded in 2001 by Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant and Rodica Tache. They live and work in Timişoara and Bucharest. H.arta has been so far active in two domains: on the one hand organizing exhibitions, meetings, debates, workshops in the H.arta Gallery, founded as a not-for-profit space, also in 2001, in Timişoara, and on the other hand beginning a string of projects outside the gallery, for the realization of which the three artists most often request the involvement of other artists or students from Timişoara and beyond. Among the projects carried out by H.arta: About art and the ways we look at the world, (Periferic 7 – International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Iaşi, 2006), How did you decide to become an artist? (IASPIS, Stockholm, 2005), Painting our way through culture (Prague Biennial 2, 2005), What would you do in my place in Vienna? (MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, 2003).