1.The Concept

2.The space

The archive

The chairs

3.Think global, act local!

4. Space for ideas

5. Cafe I, you...and who else?- ACCEPT Association                 

            The cafe

            Film screenings

6. At work... Temporary free spaces - Reni Hofmüller

           Spaces temporarily freed by Reni- street intervention.

Poliphonic Orchestra- performance.

“Appropriation as an artistic practice with political background” –             presentation

Important places for a history of women.

7. CARE centre

Don’t break the connections between us

The Republic of diversity

Please get on the non-discrimination bus!

Our favourite sport: throwing with prejudices

8. “Public schools in Romania: instruments of the Church for perpetuating gender      discrimination”- Emil Moise

9. Ofensiva generozităţii

            Discussions, presentations

            Private map workshop

10. “The construction of the masculine martial identity on the module      maturity/immaturity in Romania” –  Ştefan Tiron

11. “The One Laptop Per Child in Romania initiative”–- Liviu Pop

12. “How are our heroes now?” –Cristian Cercel

13. You cannot speak about communism on a street corner –a film by Valeriu      Antonovici

14. “ak kraak - videoactivism and critical documenting in the context of activists'      movement in Berlin and Germany since1989”

     Katharina Koch, Marie Du Vinage, Florian Hülsey, Elizabeth Grenier

15. Presentation by Indymedia Romania

16. “Activism in Romanian public life”- panel discussion moderated by Marius      Stoica.

17. Screenings and presentations - Joanne Richardson

18. Ladyfest workshops